Atelier Atelier
Atelier Atelier

Atelier / at.el.ier / atl'ya

n. A workshop or studio especially one used by an artist or designer

'Atelier' is a long-term course offered at Draw; it is a flexible, two-day-a-week course running from September- May each year. The course has figure drawing at it's heart and is designed to explore contemporary and traditional drawing approaches through direct tuition and personal experimentation.

We generally have more applicants than places available. Our application process requires a portfolio interview; no qualifications or past art education are required, although the course will be most beneficial to those with some experience drawing. Past students have ranged in age from 22—65 years old and we aim for a varied mix of life experiences in each year's class. Selection is based not on ability but on the basis of how beneficial the course will be for you.

Expressions of interest are welcome at any time, full applications are accepted from June onwards and decisions are made in mid-July.

The course starts in September and runs through to May of the next year approximately in line with academic term times with an end of year exhibition in July.

Please feel free to get in touch for any additional information

The course costs £1650 for 9 months, payable in three termly instalments. Limited subsidies are available for some students; one full scholarship is awarded each year.

Draw Tutors

Jake Spicer —
Shelley Morrow —
Laura Burgess —
Hester Berry —

Guest Tutors

John T. Freeman —
Charlie Cobb —
Poppy Veale —
Tim Patrick —


Jenny Bailey
Marion Neville
Milo Hartnoll —
Eric Barfield —
Theresa Price
Marina Ray
Laura Burgess —
Margaret Rignell
Nick Breakspere


Tuesday 30 November 1999